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Interview with Asm. Sharon Quirk-Silva

This week we have Assembly Sharon Quirk-Silva of the 65th assembly district. The 65th covers northern Orange county centered around the city of Fullerton and also includes the amusement parks Knott’s Berry Farms and Disneyland. We begin by discussing the events in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, with her calling it “an assault on democracy,” reminding her of the 2019 anti-vaxxer protest but assuring us that democracy will prevail. We then discuss her budget priorities for 2021, including covid and vaccine distribution, the internet and the digital divide, and housing and homelessness. Her housing and homelessness focus will also be combined with mental health access and a focus on early treatment. As a former teacher married to a current teacher she will also be working on hybrid learning to return students to the classroom in a safe manner. She is the new chair of the Assembly Arts and Entertainment Committee so we also discuss the plans to safely reopen theme parks in California.

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Assemblymember Todd Gloria


Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin

Today on SacTown Talks we have two guests: Assemblymembers Todd Gloria and Jacqui Irwin.

Assemblymember Todd Gloria joins us to discuss constituent service and campaigning during a pandemic, and the changing nature of San Diego politics. 

Then we were happy to welcome Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin. She and Jarhett discuss her work to keep constituents informed during the pandemic, leading the charge antibody testing, that testing is the only way to reopen safely. 

Assemblymember Shirley Weber

Today we welcome Assemblymember Shirley Weber to the program. We waste no time and start directly on her bill package, which was paired down to 3 major issues all of which focus on social justice in California. The first was ACA 5, which will be on the November ballot as Proposition 16 and would repeal Proposition 209. Dr. Weber discusses the details of political maneuvering both inside and outside Sacramento that allowed the bill to pass. The conversation then turns to AB 3121, which would establish a commission to study the effects and legacy of slavery in Calfornia and report on what California can do going forward to repair the damage. Then she discusses AB 1460, the history of ethnic studies in California, the political navigation of passing legislation around ethnic studies and why the study of ethnic history is important for all Calfornians. Finally they discuss the challenges COVID-19 has presented to California, especially to communities of color, and what she might tackle next year.

Senator Holly Mitchell


 Assemblymember Robert Rivas

Senator Holly Mitchell rejoins the program for a wide ranging discussion including COVID legislation, the California budget, Black Lives Matter, protesting and police reform and how her legislation is part of a broader effort to bring racial equity and justice to California.

We then have Assemblymember Robert Rivas of the 30th District on the show. He discusses growing up in a farm working household and community, the effects of COVID on his district and the challenges of reaching constituents in rural areas. Then he explains his priorities for this year’s budget, especially protections for farmworkers and how Project Roomkey can help the housing crisis.

Jarhett Blonien

Jarhett Blonien


Jarhett Blonien is a seasoned California attorney with years of experience working in various levels of state government. The breadth and depth of his experience – both in the capitol and in the courtroom – give him a unique perspective to the inner-workings of California government.

Blonien has spent his career mastering the legislative process, forming relationships with key players and learning how to creatively implement successful strategies amidst a constantly evolving political landscape.