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Innovating Policy Analysis with AI: The Plural Story

This episode of SacTown Talks features a detailed conversation with Senator Bill Dodd, covering his decade-long political career, contributions, and views on various issues affecting California. Senator Dodd discusses his transition from business to politics, his achievements including the passage of over a hundred bills, and his work on wildfire management, education, and community safety. He also shares insights into the challenges of maintaining a strong legislative staff, navigating the budget deficit, the significance of community colleges, and the importance of addressing the state’s insurance and homelessness crisis. The senator reflects on the impact of term limits, the shifting dynamics in the Senate and Assembly, and his commitment to legislative oversight and community wellbeing in his final year in office.

This Episode was record on 5/1/24

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Innovating Policy Analysis with AI: The Plural Story

Innovating Policy Analysis with AI: The Plural Story

This episode of SacTown Talks features an engaging conversation with Damola Ogundipe, co-founder and CEO of Plural, a company dedicated to improving the analysis of public policy documents through technology. Damola discusses the inception of Plural, its focus on...

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Jarhett Blonien

Jarhett Blonien


Jarhett Blonien is a seasoned California attorney with years of experience working in various levels of state government. The breadth and depth of his experience – both in the capitol and in the courtroom – give him a unique perspective to the inner-workings of California government.

Blonien has spent his career mastering the legislative process, forming relationships with key players and learning how to creatively implement successful strategies amidst a constantly evolving political landscape.