In this episode of SacTown Talks, Jarhett Blonien welcomes Assembly Member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan to discuss a range of topics from her personal background to her legislative work in California. Bauer-Kahan reflects on her undergraduate experience at the University of Pennsylvania, her thoughts on the current state of academic institutions and student protests, and the influence of her grandparents’ Holocaust survival story on her commitment to public service. She outlines her legislative focus areas, including addressing mental health, regulating artificial intelligence, ensuring data privacy, and advancing environmental protections. Specific efforts mentioned include the 988 mental health crisis hotline, AI legislation, privacy laws in the context of social media and data brokers, and initiatives to ban plastic bags in grocery stores. The conversation also touches on broader issues such as the impacts of COVID-19, homelessness, healthcare, transportation, and climate change in California. Bauer-Kahan emphasizes the importance of balancing innovation with safety and privacy protections and the role of legislation in tackling pressing societal challenges.

June 19, 2024

SacTown Talks

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