The Rose Bowl parade, how his office is working with the governor’s office to communicate with the public, how the assembly will be able to function more smoothly this year because of covid-related planning and budget priorities will be focused on vaccines, and opening up both CA schools and the economy more generally. Then they turn to his work as chairman of the Utilities and Energy Committee where they recognize that wildfires are now a year-round possibility that has to be dealt with while working with energy companies to have smart and safe plans that reduce shutoff while maintaining safety. Personally, Assemblymember Holden will be working on issues around systemic racism and use of force with a focus on clear guidelines and penalties around California‚Äôs Duty to Intervene Law, diversity in the corporate boardroom and in the upper levels of the California civil service. He also discusses the importance of seeing Dr. Shirley Weber become the Secretary of State, his focus on ensuring minority small businesses are participating in the state contracting process along with social justice, and the history and role of the Legislative Black Caucus. Finally, they talk about the current Lakers season.

February 5, 2021

SacTown Talks

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