SacTown Talks welcomes Speaker Pro Tempore Assemblymember Kevin Mullin to the podcast. They discuss this sober time in government and what it was like representing one of the first areas in the US to shut down due to COVID. The conversation moves to his unique background: working for Rep. Jackie Spear and how he influenced his father’s decision to run for office, and how he now holds that same office. They continue with one of his legislative priorities, now titled Proposition 18, that his father started the fight for, which would allow 17 year olds that would turn 18 by the general election to vote in the primary election. He discusses his role as Speaker Pro Tempore, and how it relates to his days as a DJ. Then they discuss his second bill, a change to property taxes to support the funds to battle wildfires which quickly moved to his work on an economic stimulus committee, his fear of future tough budget battles, and his hope for a new federal administration. Finally they touch on social justice legislation and the problem of the tight budget deadline.

August 21, 2020

SacTown Talks

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