This week we welcome Nanette Farag, Vice President of Political Affairs for Randle Communications. Farag has more than 20 years of experience leading strategic operations and has served as Chief of Staff to two Assembly members. We discuss Farag’s career, political campaigns, technology advancements, advertising and more.

This episode was recorded on 5/11/2023.

(04:20) Farag’s path to Randle, working as a young staffer with Alex Biering

(09:00) Talking campaigns and escorting Danny Devito and Rob Lowe to the inauguration

(16:38) How technology has changed the game

(26:04) Geofencing and advertising

(31:11) Farag’s work for internet safety for children

(40:03) Talking experience as Chief of Staff

(43:54) Looking ahead to upcoming political campaigns

September 29, 2023

SacTown Talks

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