In this episode of SacTown Talks, Jarrett hosts Andy Walz, President of Chevron of the Americas, for an in-depth conversation about the energy sector, Chevron’s role, and the future of fuel. Andy shares his 35-year journey with Chevron, which took him and his family around the globe, from San Diego to Singapore. He discusses the division of Chevron into upstream and downstream operations, Chevron’s longstanding history in California, and the challenges and transformations the energy industry faces due to environmental policies, highlighting California’s pioneering role. Andy talks about the complexities of producing and pricing fuel in California, including the impact of taxes, regulations, and the state’s isolation from national pipeline networks. They also delve into renewable fuels, the transition towards greener energy, and the potential of natural gas and hydrogen as future energy sources. Additionally, the conversation covers Chevron’s efforts in producing renewable gasoline blends and the broader challenges of meeting global energy needs while reducing carbon emissions. Andy emphasizes the importance of collaboration between policymakers and the energy sector to ensure energy remains affordable, reliable, and increasingly cleaner.

July 24, 2024

SacTown Talks

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