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Inside the California Legislative Black Staff Association with Symphoni Barbee and Kapri Walker

Association (CLBSA) and co-chairs, Symphoni Barbee and Kapri Walker, share their journeys and experiences. Symphoni discusses her role as a legislative advocate for Planned Parenthood and her entrance into the CLBSA. Kapri outlines her transition from working in the Senate Public Safety Committee to her current position as Government Affairs Manager at California for Safety and Justice. They reflect on founding the CLBSA during the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges faced by young Black professionals, and the significance of mentorship. They also highlight the association’s key events, including the Juneteenth Gala, and their ongoing efforts to support and retain young Black staff in Sacramento.

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Jarhett Blonien

Jarhett Blonien


Jarhett Blonien is a seasoned California attorney with years of experience working in various levels of state government. The breadth and depth of his experience – both in the capitol and in the courtroom – give him a unique perspective to the inner-workings of California government.

Blonien has spent his career mastering the legislative process, forming relationships with key players and learning how to creatively implement successful strategies amidst a constantly evolving political landscape.