Interview with Ann Ravel

Interview with Ann Ravel

Today we welcome Ann Ravel, candidate for State Senate District 15. She and Jarhett start by discussing her background. She has been at every level of government from the Santa Clara city government, to being appointed by Jerry Brown to the California Fair Political Practices Commissions, then to the Federal Elections Commission by President Obama and why she decided this was the right time to try for elected office, and to tackle her primary issues of wealth disparity, homelessness and healthcare. They then discuss the campaign changes Covid caused, missing the connection with voters, and getting experts in different fields to answer the concerns of her potential constituents. The conversation shifts to her expertise in campaign finance, the potential of public funding, the drawbacks of grassroots only camping, what can be done about Citizens United, and what can be learned from other counties electoral systems. They also discuss what CA can do about Covid, social justice and why she thinks she’ll be a different kind of legislator.

August 7, 2020

SacTown Talks

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