Innovating Policy Analysis with AI: The Plural Story

Innovating Policy Analysis with AI: The Plural Story

This episode of SacTown Talks features an engaging conversation with Damola Ogundipe, co-founder and CEO of Plural, a company dedicated to improving the analysis of public policy documents through technology. Damola discusses the inception of Plural, its focus on utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the understanding and tracking of legislation and regulations across all 50 U.S. states. The discussion covers Plural’s journey from raising venture capital to developing AI-driven features that precede the ChatGPT explosion, highlighting the importance of AI in legislative tracking. Damola details the challenges of catering to different jurisdictions, Plural’s emphasis on collaboration in public policy, and the significant impact of early investor and customer support from major organizations. The conversation also explores the future of AI in policy analysis, the strategies behind Plural’s growth, the importance of a free version for public access, and Plural’s unique data acquisition methods, concluding with Damola’s basketball musings.

July 24, 2024

SacTown Talks

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