Interview with Gail Pellerin

Interview with Gail Pellerin

This week we welcome to the program, Assembly Member Gail Pellerin. Pellerin represents Assembly District 28 and previously served as the chief elections official in Santa Cruz County from 1993 until her retirement in December 2020. We discuss Pellerin’s background career, issues with homelessness, marriage rights, the election system and more.

(06:04) Pellerin’s work with historical members and transitioning to Santa Cruz
(10:15) Voting technology and the future of voting
(15:13) Marrying couples as County Clerk during COVID
(20:49) ACA5 and the right to marry
(23:04) Talking mental health care and addressing homelessness
(28:06) Pellerin’s bill package

This episode was recorded on 07/12/2023

July 24, 2024

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