Special Holiday Edition – Internet For All

Special Holiday Edition – Internet For All

Welcome to a holiday edition of SacTown Talks. Today we are bringing you a slightly different type of show. One of the major issues confronting the legislature in 2021 is broadband access. This isn’t a new issue but exacerbated by the pandemic, has taken on new relevance and urgency. Listeners of this podcast have been hearing about it for the past six months as legislators have expressed the need for newer, faster, and better broadband access. Today’s episode is a look back at those interviews and how the issue developed over the legislative sessions. From Asm Aguiar-Curry, and Rivas, or Sen. Dodd discussing broadband access as a rural issue or Asm Muratsuchi, Irwin and McCarty as an equity issue or Senator Gonzalez detailing how the state can put money to work on the problem, along with showing in real-time why connectivity isn’t just a rural issue, we explore many sides to the problem on STT. We hope you enjoy this look back.

December 25, 2020

SacTown Talks

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