Assemblymembers Todd Gloria & Jacqui Irwin

Assemblymembers Todd Gloria & Jacqui Irwin

Assemblymember Todd Gloria joins us to discuss constituent service and campaigning during a pandemic, and the changing nature of San Diego politics. Then they talk about housing and homelessness, how his bill package went on a diet, and how funding for mental health services can be better spent. They finish with the Assemblymember explaining how his time in Sacramento will help him become a more effective Mayor of San Diego, and his worries about the continued spread of the coronavirus.

Then, we were happy to welcome Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin. She and Jarhett discuss her work to keep constituents informed during the pandemic, leading the charge antibody testing, that testing is the only way to reopen safely. Then they discuss her limited bill package, the need for more security in online charitable giving, how to responsibly regulate guns with GRVO, and her bill to get those with a mental health crisis help more quickly. Finally they discuss police reform, crisis intervention, and de-escalation, and the challenges going forward toward school reopening and equity for all students.

June 26, 2020

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